Maximise Your International Trade With Norfolk Chambers of Commerce

Hear from the Norfolk Chambers of Commerce International Trade team on ways to "Maximise Your International Trade". This is a recording from a virtual webinar event.

Whether you are an experienced Importer and Exporter of goods, or you are new to the International trading arena, there is something here for everyone. Whether it’s finding out how we can help you through our vast array of International services available, or taking away clarity regarding the paperwork required Post-Brexit, we recommend you put an hour to one side and join us on our International journey. 


  • Describing the services our Norfolk Chamber’s International team offer your business, giving you an understanding of Standard International Documentation, and ChamberCustoms’ import and export declarations: (ATA Carnets / International Import Certificates / Legalisation of Documents / Arab Certificates of Origin / EUR1 Movement Certificates / UK Certificates of Origin / Translation Services / Letters of Credit / Chamber Foreign Exchange / International Trade Training / Import Declarations / Export Declarations).
  • What is the difference between what we offer, compared to other service providers like Freight forwarders, and understand the benefits of our ‘ChamberCustoms’ officers acting as Direct Representatives to HMRC.
  •  Introducing you to each member of our Norfolk Chamber’s International team, and exploring their areas of expertise, and the helpful experience available to you.
  •  Let us tell you about the benefits of Chamber membership, what it means for your business, and provide you with the next steps should you be interested in finding out more about joining the Organisation.
  •  Understanding the International team’s commitment to you, whether you’re a member or not – Providing you with a quality service, getting things right first time, every time, avoiding you delays, additional cost, all with a very competitive, and most importantly, transparent pricing structure.


Julie Austin – International Trade Manager

Sam Martin – International Trade Apprentice

David Cowan – International Declaration Manager

Haze Carver – Customer Experience Team