Episode 9 - Norfolk Chambers Podcast with our UEA Interns and the Gateway to Growth Programme


Episode 9

Welcome to our Norfolk Chambers Podcast!

Today we’ll be talking about how these incredible interns have Co.llaborated with us, helping to define, develop and create Norfolk Chambers projects through UEA's Gateway to Growth.

Gateway to Growth

UEA led a successful bid to the Ofs Challenge Competition receiving funding for three years. The project aims to boost engagement between graduates and Norfolk’s Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) through internships and enhanced skills training linked to Norfolk’s Enterprise hubs.

The winning bid has been developed by University of East Anglia (UEA), with support from New Anglia Local Enterprise Partnership (LEP); Chamber of Commerce, Norfolk County Council, Norwich City Council, South Norfolk Council, UEA SU, Hethel Innovation Centre, Kings Lynn Innovation Centre, Cambridge Norwich Tech Corridor, and the St Georges Works.

The tailor-made project addresses some of the problems faced by Norwich and Norfolk’s economy and UEA’s graduates, many of whom want to remain in Norfolk after completing their studies but struggle to secure graduate-level employment. 

Meet our four interns below:

I’m Alfie Botelho, one of the Gateway to Growth interns! I am a UEA graduate in Business Economics and I work on a large of projects on this internship. This ranges from honing the skills I picked up from my degree by undertaking data analysis to learning new skills such as marketing. With Norfolk Chambers, I am working again in an area that is new to me in helping edit the Norfolk Chambers Podcast. I have found this really fun! It’s always enriching to work on something where you can see the impact of your work, and it has been an added bonus getting to hear the high-quality expertise of the podcast guests.

I’m Zara Krischer and I’m one-quarter of the current Gateway to Growth internship team! My academic background is in Environmental Sciences, but throughout this internship, I’ve been lucky enough to extend my skill set and work on several diverse projects, from market research and data analytics, to blog writing and creating animations. My role within the Chambers is to help edit the Norfolk Chambers Podcast, which has been a fantastic experience so far. I have really enjoyed being able to listen to the different insights and perspectives of all our guest speakers, and making sure the podcasts are ready to be launched has been really rewarding!"

My name is Eva Land I'm a part of the G2G team! I have an undergraduate degree in PR and Marketing and a postgraduate degree in Digital Journalism. Similarly like the others in the team, I work on several projects simultaneously at all times - I love it! It enables me to develop a number of skills and manage my workload successfully, very exciting. My work with the Norfolk Chamber was very insightful and interesting, I found out so much about the region's economy and a wide variety of businesses. It was an inspiring experience!

I'm Sophie Bitten and I am a 2020 UEA graduate with a BSc in Psychology. My academic background has provided me with extensive knowledge of both qualitative and quantitative research design and analysis. Working with the Chambers of Commerce to be incredibly eye-opening in terms of realising the sheer diversity of organisations in the area! Following on from my time with Gateway to Growth, I am interested in pursuing opportunities in social research.