Neil Foley & Mark Williams-Cook, Candour Agency - SEO for Beginners


If you want to know more about SEO, this is for you

In this fascinating podcast Mark shares his knowledge about search engine optimisation, using all of his extensive experience in this field. Equally suitable for those new to the concept and experienced professionals alike – if being found on the net is important to you, you need to find time to listen.

Mark explores:

·       Why SEO is important

·       The do’s and don’ts

·       How to develop your own strategy

·       What are black hats and why you most definitely don’t want them

·       How long tails have become common

·       1 in 5 questions posed on Google are unique and what this means to you

·       What does the future hold

Mark Williams – Cook is a SEO expert based here in Norwich with Candour.  I was very fortunate to get the opportunity to interview him as a self-confessed SEO novice, and I learnt so much!

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