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Wellbeing International Team Q&A

Sarah Bush, Marketing and Events Co-ordinator

A few words from Sarah Bush, our marketing and events co-ordinator, and a facilitator who also promotes healthy eating at many of our presentations.

What is your favourite meal?

My husband’s shepherds pie with a celeriac mash topping – and cheese, always cheese….

Do you have any mindfulness tips for dealing with stress or an adverse situation?

If you know you’re going to find a situation difficult have a small token in your pocket ie a souvenir such as a pebble from a particularly happy beach trip, a tiny trinket given by someone you love, or an item that signifies strength and happiness – and hold it or touch it to help you through the anxiety.

Can you recommend a fabulous book or film and why?

Film: My Octopus Teacher – on Netflix – food for the soul….

Book: A Tree Grows in Brooklyn – Betty Smith – old fashioned inspiring writing.

If you could re-visit your 14 year old self what advice would you give her?

Keep learning, enjoy the every day, be more mindful of others….

How would you describe your home?

Calm, considered, peaceful, organised – but currently just too quiet and much in need of the arrival of my first grandchild in July.

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